Features of AMIE

Benefits of Doing A.M.I.E
  • You can become a graduate engineer, studying at your spare time
  • Get same qualification as B.E/B.Tech
  • Recognised by Government as well as Private sector
  • Try GATE/M.Tech/Better job after AMIE
  • No regular College study, No Attendence
  • Least expensive
  • One of the most attractive features of an AMIE building course is the way that candidate don't need to pick their particular designing control until the point when the AMIE Section B enlistment. Dissimilar to other building degrees where the competitors need to pick their teach before affirmation, this enables them to get a grip of what each train is about and regardless of whether they need to proceed with the AMIE Section B enrollment. Along these lines, candidate don't lament having picked a specific teach they have no fitness for.


All Government and Private sector establishments recognizes AMIE as equivalent to B.Tech