AMIE Computer Science

AMIE in Computer Engineering gives you the chance to become an efficient Computer Engineer without having to go for classes on a daily basis. It's a convenient way of earning a degree in engineering by those candidates who have full-time jobs to cater to. Amie makes the life of the rehearsing confirmation holders easier by letting them be a graduate at not so expensive fees with hands-on guidance of the online resources and well-qualified faculty.

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Amie C S Faculty

Course Content

Compulsory Subjects

  • IC 402 Engineering Management
  • CP 403 Data Structures
  • CP 404 Programing Language
  • CP 405 Pulse and Digital Circuits
  • CP 406 Computer Architecure
  • CP 407 Systems Analysis and Design

Optional Subjects (Any 3 from any 1 Group)

    Group I Computer Applications
    Group II Hardware Engineering
    Group III Information Technology

Note: To get Complete syllabus of amie section b computer science, go to download section below and click on syllabus tab