AMIE Electrical Engineering

With the rise of digital era, the scope for electrical engineering is expanding positively. If you are passionate about pursuing this subject, then, this is the right time to take the best step forward. In amie section b this branch of engineering from our institution makes it possible for you to graduate while working (candidates who have done their diploma). Today’s world requires you to be versatile and smart. Therefore, reach an extra milestone with us.

AMIE in Electrical Engineering can fulfill your dream to become a successful Electrical Engineer without having to attend regular classes. It's a popular course among professionals or individuals who don’t have the time to do regular classes due to their jobs. Amie gives the rare chance to rehearsing confirmation holders to be a graduate at a cost-efficient fees with well-rounded guidance. We provide you with downloadable study materials for each section. Read them online or get them in your Pendrive, we have it all. Moreover, we also have demo videos to make learning interesting and easy to understand.

AMIE Electrical Faculty

AMIE Syllabus for Electrical Engg.

Compulsory Subjects

  • IC 402 Engineering Management
  • EL 403 Power Systems
  • EL 404 Circuit and Field Theory
  • EL 405 Electrical Machines
  • EL 406 Measurements and Control
  • EL 407 Design of Electrical Systems
    Group II Electrical Machines and Drives
  • EL 421 Advanced Aspects of Electrical Machines
  • EL 422 Power Electronics
  • EL 423 Electrical Drives
  • EL 424 Electrical Power Utilization
  • EL 425 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers

Optional Subjects (Any 3 from any 1 Group)

    Group I Power Systems
  • EL 411 Energy Systems
  • EL 412 Power Electronics
  • EL 413 High Voltage Engineering and Power Apparatus
  • EL 414 Power System Performance
  • EL 415 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers
    Group III Control and Instrumentation
  • EL 431 Control Theory
  • EL 432 Power Electronics
  • EL 433 Process Control Systems
  • EL 434 Instrumentation Systems
  • EL 435 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers