amie online course

What is AMIE ?

AMIE stands for Associate Member of Institution of Engineers.

AMIE is a B.Tech level examination in engineering, recognized by all State Governments, Central Govt., AICTE, UPSC etc as equivalent to B.E/B.Tech. That means, those who pass AMIE examination will get equal opportunities for job as well as higher education in both Govt. and private sectors, just like a B.E or B.Tech holder. The Institution of Engineers (India), the largest multidisciplinary body of engineers in the country is the authority that prepares syllabus, conducts examination and issue certificates etc. of AMIE.

Engineering through Distance learning

The attraction with AMIE is that, it is a recognized engineering degree course that can be studied in distance education mode. Since this course does not demand any class room attendance, anyone who meets the specified eligibility criteria can become a graduate engineer in the least possible time and expense! Since we arrange AMIE Postal Class, this course is especially suitable for employed person, as they can study this course without being interfering with their job, whether they are in India or abroad.

AMIE-Who is eligible?

    Those who wish to do AMIE must have any one of the following qualifications.

  1. A perceived 3-year Polytechnic Diploma or its proportionate in any branch of designing. (No imprints confinement)
  2. +2/HSC/PDC with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with at least 45% marks.
  3. The individuals who seek after AMIE after their Diploma course are normally known as Diploma Stream Students (Senior Technician individuals), and others are known as Non-Diploma Stream Students (Technician individuals).

Any educational qualifications equivalent to the above, are also eligible to apply for AMIE. Those who pursue AMIE after their Diploma course are usually known as Diploma Stream Students (Senior Technician members), and others are known as Non-Diploma Stream Students (Technician members).

Branches Available

Following engineering branches are available for study

  1. 1. Architectural Engineering
  2. 2. Chemical Engineering
  3. 3. Civil Engineering
  4. 4. Computer Science and Engineering
  5. 5. Electrical Engineering
  6. 6. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  7. 7. Mechanical Engineering
  8. 8. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  9. 9. Mining Engineering
  10. 10. Production Engineering
  11. 11. Textile Engineering


A time of 6 years each is took into account finishing Section An and B.Since this is the greatest span, an understudy who methodicallly contemplates the course can effectively complete the course in least time. Candidate who examine the course under any of our training system can finish the course in 4 semesters (Diploma holders) or 6 semesters (+2 holders).

Courses Offered

All disciplines of engineering including structural Engineering, mechanical designing, electrical designing, hardware and media transmission building, software engineering and designing and compound building are offered and instructed successfully in AMIE organizations with the most minimal expense.


AMIE examinations are conducted in every June and December. The examination is written-type and is of 3 hour duration: No laboratory exam: No internal assessments: No viva. The examinations are conducted in all major cities in India and Gulf Countries.


The AMIE syllabus has two parts: - Section A and Section B (similar to 1styear, 2nd year etc. of any formal degree course). Those who join for AMIE must pass all subject in section A first, thereafter he should study section B.

Subject in Section A

Diploma Holders | +2 Holders
  • 1.Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing
  • 2.Material Science and Engineering
  • 3.Computing and Informatics
  • 4.Society and Environment

  • +2 Holders
  • 5.Mechanical Science
  • 6.Engineering Physics and Chemistry
  • 7.Engineering Drawing and Graphics
  • 8.Electronics and Instrumentation
  • 9.Engineering Mathematics
  • 10.Electrical Science

    1. The detailed subject wise syllabus shall be given to you in our Pen drive / Online / Postal courses material.

      How to prepare for AMIE ?
      1. AMIE examination consist 3 groups, Group A, Group B and Group C. In group A and B consist 4 - 4 questions in each groups and in group C 10 questions to be answered.
      2. In group A and B you have to attempt any 2 questions from the 4 questions and in group C you have to attempt all questions.
      3. The students have to focus on both numerical and theory problems.
      4. The all topics of AMIE are equally important for getting good marks in amie exams.
      5. The Group Study is productive way to brush up knowledge about all technical topics and also helps to explore new techniques and methods to better understand the topics.
      6. Need to prepare the list of important, derivations, theorem definitions, equations, laws in every subject.
      7. Need to pay more attention while attempting linked and common data questions.

      Students, who are unsuccessful to qualify Section An Examination in multi year, will be allowed to show up over again in Section An Examination. Subject(s) exemption(s) anchored amid six years, assuming any, will be relinquished. They would be required to pass Section An Examination once again according to the current plan by paying the essential charges alongside Re-enrollment Application Form.

      Fee Structure -

      AMIE Exam Pattern 2018 - 19

      The AMIE examination conducted by IEI Kolkata, the pattern of AMIE exam divided into 2 parts which are Section A and Section B.
      Section A and B examination of AMIE held twice in a year, mostly in the month of June and in December and known as also summer and winter examination respectively.

      Section A Exam Pattern
      1. AMIE section A exam is basically common for all those students who want make their future in Engineering with AMIE degree.
      2. There are separate examinations for diploma holder and non- diploma holders.

      3. For diploma holders only 4 papers in section A and for non – diploma holders 10 papers in section a examinations.


        Applicants, who have effectively qualified Section An Examination however unsuccessful to qualify Section B Examination in six years, will be allowed to show up anew in Section B Examination in existing plan holding their Section A status, by paying the essential expenses. They would be required to apply for Re-enrollment and furthermore Section B Registration in the endorsed proforma. In such cases, subject(s) exemption(s) anchored amid 6-years, assuming any, will be relinquished and they would need to pass Section B Examination once more according to the current plan. Additionally, they would be required to do extend work and the research facility explores once again.

        AMIE Exam Pattern 2018-19

        The AMIE examination conducted by IEI Kolkata, the pattern of AMIE exam divided into 2 parts which are Section A and Section B. Section A and B examination of AMIE held twice in a year, mostly in the month of June and in December and known as also summer and winter examination respectively.